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Get comprehensive security for Microsoft Azure that won’t slow you down.

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Simplify your life with Trend Micro Deep Security, built from the ground up to work seamlessly with Microsoft Azure.

Defend against network attacks

Proactive intrusion prevention (IDS/IPS) goes beyond passive traffic analysis – and actively prevents attacks. The lightweight Deep Security agent is optimized for Azure, ensuring instant protection your applications and data, without slowing systems down.

Virtually patch software

Hackers can quickly exploit zero-day vulnerabilities or SQL injection flaws - leading to data breaches and serious brand damage. Ensure your servers are protected from vulnerabilities or ransomware attacks with virtual patching.

Keep malware off workloads

Protect your Windows and Linux workloads from increasingly complex malware. Consistently rated the best performing antivirus solution by AV-TEST*, we help you identify and remove malware and block traffic to known bad domains.

Uncover suspicious changes

Get alerts when unplanned changes or ransomware attacks are happening on your systems. Suspicious events are highlighted in the dashboard so you can quickly evaluate if there is a threat — without sorting through thousands of logs.

We Know Our Stuff


Trend Micro™ Deep Security™ secures more servers globally than anyone else and specializes in protection for physical, virtualized and cloud servers.

"The fact the Deep Security was designed for virtual and cloud environments is very important. From a single Deep Security Manager I can look at my public cloud instances as well as what we’re managing in our data centre."

William Crank, Director of IT, MEDHOST

Deployment Options &


Starting at 1¢ /hour.

Annual licenses and volume discounts on pre-paid credits are also available.

Cores: 1 - Virtual Machines:
A0, A1, D1

$0.01 / hour

Cores: 2 - Virtual Machines:
A2, A5, D2, D11, G1

$0.03 / hour

Cores: 4+ - Virtual Machines:
A3, A4, A6-A11, D3-D5, D12-D15, G2-G5

$0.06 / hour

Requires use of the cloud connector. Price is $0.06/hour for unknown instance sizes.
Microsoft Azure Marketplace pricing varies slightly - see plans for details.

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Microsoft Launchpad

At the recent Microsoft World Partner Conference, Bill McGee, senior vice president cloud & data center security, sat down with Seth Juarez from Microsoft's Developer Evangelism team to show how the Trend Micro Deep Security solution can automate workload security on Microsoft Azure.


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